Corona virus

The virus has engulfed more than 70 countries. The virus, which affects more than 3 lakh people, is spreading rapidly. Today every citizen of the world is waiting for this virus vaccine, but in the meantime it is also necessary to know how to prevent it. While the government is requesting people to stay in their homes, there are many rumors about the corona virus. Keeping these things in mind, we are trying to make the Corona virus aware through this special article of Stylecrase.

Choose this virus, it spreads through coughing, today along with India many countries have been affected by it, today India has been completely downgraded but still this corona virus is spreading rapidly.

At the same time, if we talk about Novel 2019 Coronavirus (COVID-19), then it came out from Wuhan city of China in late 2019. The virus has been officially named the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2. It has been identified as the 7th member of the corono virus, affecting humans. The new virus is spreading person-to-person in 70 countries and territories, of which 90% of cases are in China alone. There, more than 6 thousand people have died due to this virus, while millions of people are vulnerable.

The animal-generated corona virus rarely affects humans, but the animal-affected corona virus has also emerged as a new virus infecting humans, such as the novel coronavirus-2019.

From one person to another

When an infected person coughs or sneezes, small droplets come out of his mouth and nose, which can also infect the person sitting near the infected person through the mouth, nose or breath.

Does this virus spread by eating?

Many people are avoiding eating outside, non-veg and Chinese. People believe that this type of food can also spread the virus, but so far no scientific research has confirmed that this type of food can spread it. As we also mentioned above, it can happen from an infected person to a healthy person, so if a healthy person ate the food eaten by or with an infected person, then it can also become infected.

Note: This virus can spread rapidly not only from one person to another, but also from one group to another.

What are the symptoms of corona virus?

Many people may be wondering when the Corona virus should be investigated. After all, what are the symptoms of corona virus? These symptoms may appear 2–14 days after exposure to the virus, which are as follows.

(i) fever
(ii) cough
(iii) respiratory distress
(iv) Fatigue
If someone’s condition is very serious, they may also show symptoms like pneumonia.

How to avoid corona virus?

(i) Use an alcoholic hand sanitizer. Especially, containing at least 60% alcohol.
(ii) Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth after coming out or repeatedly.
(iii) After coming from outside, immediately change clothes and wash hands and mouth thoroughly.
(iv) Wash clothes by adding antiseptic liquid to the water.
(v) Maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from the infected person.
(vi) Avoid going to public functions. Stay at home as much as possible.
(vii) Whenever a sneeze or cough comes, cover your mouth and nose with tissue paper and immediately put that tissue in the dustbin.
(Viii) Keep your items clean, which people use most, and clean them with antiseptic liquid.
(ix) Wash vegetables and meat-fish well before cooking, and wash your hands thoroughly after touching raw meat.
(x) Use different chopping boards and utensils for meat-fishes.

How to wash hands well

(i) First wet the hands with water.
(ii) After applying soap, rub your hands together and rub the fingers, palms and back of hands.
(iii) Scrub your hands for at least 20 seconds.
(iv) Then wash hands thoroughly.
(v) After that rinse well with warm water.
(vi) Wash the mouth with a face wash or soap.
(vii) Then wipe the mouth and hands with a clean and soft towel.

 What is the correct way to apply mask?

(i) Before applying the mask, clean your hands with an alcohol-based sanitizer.
(ii) Then cover your nose and mouth with a mask.
(iii) Then check the mask thoroughly to see if there is any gap between the face and the mask after wearing the mask.
(iv) Do not reuse masks once used.

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